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Oscar L. Hernandez

Oscar L. Hernandez, an artist his whole life, was born and raised in New Mexico. As a freelance artist, Oscar enjoys the process of creating art through drawing and painting. By the time he was 25 years old, he was painting full-time. Using various mediums and techniques in his artwork, he has learned to paint on many different surfaces such as walls, canvas, and furniture. Oscar's artwork is inspired by the vibrant sunsets of New Mexico, places he has visited, scenes depicting wildlife, and by the stories of other artist's successes. Much of Oscar's artwork is a mixture of bright and dark colors, resulting in a bold contrast. See the article about Oscar in the Roswell Daily Record, "Allies in the making."

My artwork is my passion, and the journey it has taken me on has been extremely rewarding. I enjoy painting memories from my mind as well as from photos, and by the ideas my clients request. I want my art and paintings to bring a sense of peace to those who see it, in a way that it does for me when I paint."

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